Feminized CBD Seeds sale .10 Cents


Why Feminized CBD Seeds?

When the 2018 farm bill was signed into law, it made growing hemp federally legal. At GemCBD.com we supply farmers with top quality feminized CBD seeds because growing males in the field is not a profitable practice. 

When you plant only female hemp seeds you will not have to cull males from the field in the middle of the summer, this saves on valuable labor, it also directly translates to more profit per acre of female hemp seeds.

Feminized Hemp Seeds = Less Work = Higher Profits

What are Feminized CBD Seeds

Feminized CBD Seeds are hemp seeds that only grow female plants. We produce them by applying just the right amount of stress to our best female plants to make them produce pollen. We then apply that feminized hemp pollen to the female plants that we deem worthy of pollination. 

Why Choose GemCBD Feminized CBD Seeds

GemCBD.com has been producing feminized CBD seeds for farmers and other breeders since 2016. We believe in the open source economy and never sell our feminized hemp seeds with restrictions of any kind. Once you purchase feminized cbd seeds from GemCBD.com you can grow them or breed them however you like. We could name some of the companies that have gotten their start by purchasing our genetics, but we wont. Some of our larger happy clients include, Blue Forest Farms, and the Delta Hemp Company. 

When you purchase bulk feminized cbd seeds from Gem CBD you can rest easy knowing your purchase includes, COA’s, copies of our breeding license, germination reports, and feminization reports, all performed by third party labs like, Eurofins


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