Orange Trumpet Hemp Seeds (10, 100, 1000 Count)


Orange Trumpet Hemp seeds

Available in 10, 100, and 1000 count quantities
10 Seeds 100 Seeds 1000 Seeds
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Orange Trumpet Hemp Seeds

Some crosses just have to be made for the name alone. This is one of those cases!! We crossed the Trump female into the Mandarin Pie (High Alpine Genetics) Male to create this one of a kind Gem Hemp variety. Only available here at Below is a list of Strain info, Seed Stats, Crop Stats, Plant Characteristics, Environment, and Expected Harvest Outcome.

Orange Trumpet Hemp Seeds are available as a regular, non feminized variety. Meaning you will have to cull 40-60% of the plants from your field if you do not pre sex your starts in a greenhouse.

Orange Trumpet hemp plants will grow vigorously when given the proper love and care. These plants will thrive in an organic environment in many different soil types from clay, to loam, to sand. The major variables growing in different soil types will be watering duration and frequency.

We recommend using a soil potentiometer to track and measure soil moisture at the root level. Preparing your soil organically before you plant will also greatly improve your results. Taking a soil & water test and sending it to Logan Labs could prove to be your greatest investment. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, have it interpreted by someone who has prepared soil at scale before. We can help with this via a consulting agreement as well.

Typically Orange Trumpet will be field planted in rows from starts germinated in a greenhouse. After 30 days all males should be culled. Typically you should plan your harvest out from the day the plants start flowering. File the proper paperwork to get the state officials to your field as early in the crop cycle as is legal to make sure your crop is compliant.

Orange Trumpet Hemp Flowers

Orange Trumpet Hemp Flowers

Orange Trumpet Hemp Strain Info
Mandarin Pie F1 + T1 (Trump Hemp) Dad = Orange Trumpet
Orange Trumpet Hemp Seeds Stats
Germination: 92% Germination Time: 2-3 Days Purity: 99% Male Ratio Ratio: 50%+ / 1:1 in field +
Crop Stats
CBAa: 9-11% Autoflower: No Terpenes: Orange / Tangerine Candy + Veg Time: 30 Days Bloom Time: 50-63 Days Suggested Plant Date: May – July Suggested Harvest Date: Sept 10 – Oct 20* Based on Lab Testing
Plant Characteristics
Spacing: 5 Feet Height 6-8 Feet Root System: Vigorous / Large Flower Set: Early / Avg Flower Structure: Dense / Smokeable Internodal Spacing: Short / Avg Phenos in 100 seeds: 3-4 Leaves: Large / Indica 7- 13 Blades

Tolerance: Cold, Heat, Mold/Mildew, Pests Water ConsumptionL: Average Light Sensitively: Low Doesn’t Burn Easily

Crop Use: Oil / Flower Yield: 1-3 LB/Plant Fiber Production: Low Oil Production: High
orange trumpet hemp seeds

orange trumpet hemp seeds

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10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds


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