Carmagnola Hemp Seeds (100,500,1000 count)


Carmagnola Hemp seeds

Available in 100, 500, and 1000 count quantities

100 Seeds 500 Seeds 1000 Seeds
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Carmagnola Hemp Seeds


Carmagnola is a European hemp strain that has gained recent popularity with the U.S. Hemp breeding community because of its unique traits. Carmagnola was bred as a fiber / oil seed strain however some breeders have found its varying CBD:THC ratios very desirable for breeding with. We have grown some of these plants out and they vary widely, but there is definitely a lot of hidden potential in the strain. Only available here at Below is a list of Strain info, Seed Stats, Crop Stats, Plant Characteristics, Environment, and Expected Harvest Outcome.

This sativa variety from North East Hemp and can be cultivated outdoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±100 days). Carmagnola Hemp Seeds are regular seeds and this strain with very low THC and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Carmagnola is an old Italian strain of hemp, pure sativa used mainly for fibers. The city of Carmagnola, in the north west Italian region of Piemonte, gave the name to this beautiful heirloom. Dioic plant, high CBD content, near to 1:18.

Carmagnola hemp plants will grow vigorously when given the proper love and care. These plants will thrive in an organic environment in many different soil types from clay, to loam, to sand. The major variables growing in different soil types will be watering duration and frequency.

We recommend using a soil potentiometer to track and measure soil moisture at the root level. Preparing your soil organically before you plant will also greatly improve your results. Taking a soil & water test and sending it to Logan Labs could prove to be your greatest investment. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, have it interpreted by someone who has prepared soil at scale before. We can help with this via a consulting agreement as well.

We are offering these seeds for breeding and research purposes only, we are not advertising them for sale as a tested proven field crop. We came upon these seeds via a trade during a consulting agreement. So we just want to make them available to the community.

Carmagnola Hemp Strain Info

Mom: Carmagnola + Dad Carmagnola = Carmagnola

Carmagnola Hemp Seeds Stats

Germination: 82% Germination Time: 2-3 Days Purity: 99% Male Ratio Ratio: 50%+ / 1:1 in field +

Crop Stats

CBAa: 6-11% Autoflower: No Terpenes: Pinene + Sweet Veg Time: 30 Days Bloom Time: 50-63 Days Suggested Plant Date: May – July Suggested Harvest Date: Sept 10 – Oct 20* Based on Lab Testing

Plant Characteristics

Spacing: 2-3 Feet Height 6-10 Feet Root System: Vigorous / Large Flower Set: Early / Avg Flower Structure: Varies Internodal Spacing: Avg / Long Phenos in 100 seeds: 3-4 Leaves: Large / Sativa 7- 13 Blades


Tolerance: Cold, Heat, Mold/Mildew, Pests Water ConsumptionL: Average Light Sensitively: Low Doesn’t Burn Easily


Crop Use: Fiber / Seed Yield: 1 LB/Plant Fiber Production: High Oil Production: Medium
Carmagnola Hemp Plant

Carmagnola Hemp Plant

carmagnola hemp seeds

Carmagnola hemp seeds

Additional information


Gem Hemp

Feminization Rate

1:1 /50% (regular seeds)


100, 500, 1000


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